Kingdom Builders' Ministries International

Matthew 6:33, Romans 4:17 

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Kingdom Builders, formerly Calvary Crew Ministries, was organized in 1983 in California. Then Pastor Stewart Lawson, now Apostle and His wife, Linda, were led of the Spirit to found the ministry in Santa Clarita, then known as Newhall. 

Beginning, as Linda says, "From Itch", the Lawsons and their 3 children: Clarence Andrew (12), Misti Marie (9) and Elizabeth (Beth) Gale (9) moved to Canyon Country, CA after a short time in Oklahoma where they had attended Kenneth Hagin's School of Healing as well as the Assembly of God in Broken Arrow.


We began by leading a house meeting but quickly found a small building to meet in.

This building had been used for a little of everything from a gas station to a real estate office. It had only one restroom and that was around the side of the building.

Stewart used stencils to make a sign on plywood painted white and used black paint for the letters.

We had no chairs so people would bring some from home for a while until we were given some well-used loooong pews.

Our praise and worship service consisted of a recorded tape played on a tape player with the case broken.

Because of much prayer, Holy Spirit drew people to stop by to see what was going on. Because of the anointing on Stewart, these people would come to Sunday morning service and Holy Spirit would minister in power to those addicted to drugs & alcohol, those who had demons in their homes and those who needed major Healing.

This move of God touched people from every walk of life, from millionaires & realtors to young people who came to services barefooted in jeans. Thus, we were tagged the "hippie church". Some of the more "refined" saints tried to "help" church growth by telling us we should make them leave. Guess who ended up leaving?

Yes, we moved into a bigger building and eventually got decent seating, but we did not calm down our praise, worship or speaking in tongues and other manifestations of Holy Spirit.

In 1987, after the passing of our son, Clarence, Holy Spirit, by the wise council of Apostle Mel Bailey, a spiritual dream and other confirmations, moved us and the ministry to Bellingham, WA. After months of seeking the Lord for direction, Stewart found an ugly building on State Street in downtown Bellingham.

While on a fast in Maple Falls, Stewart saw a quaint "Norman Rockwell " style church building. As he got closer he saw that it had a neon sign on it that said "Holy Smoke Tavern". Stewart was outraged and told God that he wanted revenge by setting up the ministry in a former tavern or pornography theater.

Back to the building on State Street. Stewart couldn't see inside the building, but he was excited and went home and told me that he had found a building to house the ministry. He phoned the realtor and scheduled a time to see the inside with our friends and ministry partners, David and Cathi Ifft, who had moved up with us.

As we looked around, Stewart noticed something hung on the back wall of what would be the auditorium. He turned to the realtor and asked, "What is a movie screen doing on the wall?" The realtor looked down at the floor and said, "You wanted to use this for a church, didn't you?" Stewart said yes. The realtor said, well, this used to be a pornography theater. Stewart jumped into the air and shouted Hallelujah. The Lord had answered "Yes"!

Over the next 2 years, Holy Spirit brought many families from the north, south and east, some for visits to "Come and see!" Several moved to be a resident part of the day-to-day ministry. Some came who had been with Stewart and Linda in the first move of God.

Because of the two radio programs at KNTR: "Wake Up" which was a call to the Church, and "The Voice of Righteousness" a motivator to the Church, and then a television commercial that Stewart directed, many came from Canada and as far south as Everette.

Because of a mission trip to Sri Lanka, a precious Apostle, Walter Blessing, came and stayed with us for three months to learn from us and go back to his land and use what he had learned.

Of course, the enemy came into the body bringing division through envy & self-seeking by those who thought they should have a "higher" place in the ministry (James 3:16) and brought the confusion and evil that our Lord's earthly brother(James) warned about.

In 2016, as I was in prayer, I cried out to the Lord about being in one more move of God before His return. As I did these words came to me from Joel 2:23, "the former rain and the latter rain".

Amen, Holy Spirit, as You reveal!



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